Technical Support Requester

Welcome to the eGlobalDoctors COVID-19 technical support program. This is a free service we are providing to clinicians and biomedical engineers in India who are trying to use/debug/repair respiratory equipment during the COVID-19 crisis.

We are staffed with volunteers with experience in technical troubleshooting and/or teaching clinicians how to use medical devices – while they may not have experience directly in the equipment you have, they are experienced medical device engineers and trainers with years of experience debugging equipment. The service is primarily in English, but many of our volunteers speak several languages, and help in particular languages can be requested.

If you would like to request technical support what we ask of you:

1. Fill out our requester form indicating the equipment you are seeking help with, the primary problems, and preferred language. ( requester registration form ).

2. Join a regularly scheduled video call from a device with a camera (phone or laptop) during the open hours ( Join Call ). Please have the equipment with you, a source of power, and any manuals or parts that you have for the equipment available. It is also helpful to have any tools or testers you have nearby if needed.

3. When you join the call, the Technical Support Moderator will match you to a volunteer on call based on the information you filled out on the requester form – the more complete the form is, the better the match will be.

4. The Moderator will text the volunteer, and when the volunteer arrives in the video ‘main room’ you’ll be assigned a separate work area where you and the volunteer can work through your problem together. If other people are need for assistance, the volunteer may contact the moderator to bring someone with more specific technical expertise.

5. Please recognize that these are volunteers with considerable technical skill, but they cannot be familiar with every type of equipment, and cannot necessarily remotely fix some problems. The services are provided on a good faith, best effort basis. ( Disclaimer )

6. The session will be recorded, and the volunteer will keep notes about what was done, and any follow-on recommendations. At the end, you will receive the notes, and may download a copy of the video if it would be useful to refer back to.

7. At the end we will ask you for any feedback, whether or not the debugging session was successful ( feedback form ). We aim to continually improve and expand this program around the world.