About Us

eGlobalDoctors is formed by a group of Physicians and IT Professionals who grew up in USA, UK and India.

Strength in Numbers







About Us

  • eGlobalDoctors is a dream project for most physicians and IT professionals associated with us and is driven by the common goal of serving the community from the homeland which supported them and is instrumental in the success they achieved.
  • Doctors from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia are willing to offer their experience and services to the medically underserved and those seeking an unbiased medical second opinion.
  • eGlobalDoctors is a state-of-the-art, secured platform through which we offer the world's best medical treatment to every person in need irrespective of geographical boundaries.
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    Our Mission

  • eGlobalDoctors is committed to provide unbiased, exemplary health care at an affordable cost to all the people in need via its platform.
  • We aim to eliminate the burden of people havingto travel long distances and spending their entire life savings just to get an expert medical treatment.
  • While leveraging the mobile app and website technology our main mission is to reach as many people as possible who live far away from major cities or otherwise lack proper access to medical care
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