Frequently Asked Questions-Doctors

How can I work as a doctor with eGlobalDoctors?

  • Step 1: Register on the eglobaldoctors website or mobile app (Andriod or IOS) with simple details.
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  • Step 2: Once you have registered with your details and submitted the profile, the eGlobalDoctors team will review the profile.
  • Step 3: After review, your profile will be approved and you can now log in to your account. Once logged in, an agreement will be displayed before the dashboard which you can e-sign and now you are all set to consult the patients.

What are the benefits of joining eGlobalDoctors?

  • You will be paid per consultation.
  • If you own a hospital, patients can come and get the surgery done at your hospital.
  • Join National & international faculty on academic platforms.
  • Contribute to charity services during natural calamities; both National and International.
  • Indemnity is covered only for online services.
  • Access to Health Insurance companies.
  • Counseling and mentoring for medical students planning to study abroad including placements.

Account related questions

Once you log in to your dashboard, You can see various features on the left side of the dashboard. You can find the appointment option here. The appointment section gives a brief overview of the patient and their details.

Along with multiple features on the Dashboard, add/ edit schedule is a feature where you can add your schedule according to your availability in order to assign you a case by superadmin.

To see the past consultations, login to your dashboard, In the feature list on the left side of the dashboard you can find the option ‘Past consultations’. This gives you access to the brief details of the patient, last consultation date, reports, prescription, etc.

  • In the appointment section, you can click on the patient profile.
  • The patient profile gives you a descriptive view of the current case.
  • It also allows you to see various reports and scans uploaded by the patient.
  • You can find the patient’s prior consultation with eglobaldoctors for a better look at the case.

Message center can be used by both patient and doctor to convey any important message regarding the consultation.

Yes, to edit your profile, Click on the ‘edit profile’ option in the dashboard for updating or removing any details.

Consultation related questions

In the Appointment section, You can click ‘open’ to see the patient profile. The patient profile section gives you the option to start a zoom call with the patient, add your notes, add a prescription, and send a message to the patient.

In the appointment section on your dashboard, you can see the first option for the case is the patient profile view. This view includes all the previous medical history, lab reports, and any medical data uploaded by the patient.

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