Frequently Asked Questions - Cover Genius Patients

Consultation related questions

You can log in to the eGlobalDoctors account using Mobile No. and OTP. In the patient dashboard,

  1. 1. Click on the consult doctor tab.
  2. 2. By default, your cover genius package is selected.
  3. 3. Proceed with a simple consultation form.
  4. 4. Choose your appointment time.

And your consultation is booked. You will receive an SMS & email with confirmation of your appointment date and time.

Note: If you are unable to book a consultation, call our support team at +91 207-119-0009 & we will book a consultation for you.

You can Book a Primary Consultation through cover genius - eGlobalDoctor’s Claim.

Following are the medical conditions treated under Primary consultation.

  1. 1. Cold and Flu symptoms
  2. 2. Fever
  3. 3. Diarrhea and Constipation issues
  4. 4. Cough
  5. 5. Headaches
  6. 6. Sore Throats
  7. 7. Ear aches
  8. 8. Allergies
  9. 9. Pink Eye
  10. 10. Respiratory symptoms and Mild shortness of breath
  11. 11. UTI for patients age above 18 years
  12. 12. Nausea and Vomiting
  13. 13. Sore throat
  14. 14. Basic back pain
  15. 15. Cholesterol issue
  16. 16. Sinus Infections
  17. 17. Insomnia
  18. 18. Basic skin issues / Fungal infections
  19. 19. High BP issues
  20. 20. Diabetes / Blood sugar issues
  21. 21. Other minor non-emergency issues

You can consult the doctor for a duration of 15 minutes.

Payment related questions

Yes, you have to pay separately for lab tests and medicines.

No, Your eGlobalDoctors consultation created through Cover Genius claim will be free of cost.

Appointment related questions

Due to any reason, if you miss your appointment; it can be rescheduled by contacting Cover Genius.

You can join the consultation by clicking the join Zoom option under "Upcoming Appointments" from the patient dashboard which will be displayed 15 minutes before and after appointment time. You can also find the join Zoom option in the "Track Request" section in the dashboard.

Yes. If the consultation was not started from the doctor’s side; It will be rescheduled with the next available slot. You will receive an SMS and an email with the details of rescheduled date and time.

Prescription related questions

In the patient dashboard, click on the doctor reports tab and select the patient you want the prescription for. Scroll to the rightmost side to find prescriptions. You can print or download it.

Other related questions

While booking your consultation; you can upload your reports in the upload medical records section in the patient dashboard.

Yes, you can book Lab tests and order medicines from our platform. Visit eGlobal Pharmacy and eGlobal Diagnostics for more information.

No. eGlobalDoctors Package can only be used for the patient with a Cover Genius policy claim. You can create a separate eGlobalDoctors account for your family member and book a consultation for them.

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