Technical Support

Welcome to the eGlobalDoctors COVID-19 technical support program. This is a free service we are providing to clinicians and biomedical engineers in India who are trying to use/debug/repair respiratory equipment during the COVID-19 crisis.

We seek volunteers with experience in technical troubleshooting and/or teaching clinicians how to use medical devices - you do not need to be an expert in any particular equipment to help greatly! We do not set expectations that everything is fixable, or that you can be all-knowing ( Disclaimer)

Sometimes even simply having another person to troubleshoot with is enough to make the difference between failure and success – especially if you can help them in their primary language.

If you would like to volunteer as a volunteer Technical Support Consultant what we ask of you:

1. Fill out our volunteer form indicating your background, languages spoken and areas of expertise ( Volunteer Technical support form ).

2. Sign up for shift times that you can be on call. Note that you do not need to be on the troubleshooting call for the entire shift. When a call comes in that the Technical Support Moderator matches you to, you’ll be texted and asked to dial in to the video conference to work with the requester.

3. Familiarize yourself with the support tools we have available for you (FAQs and support material).

4. At the end of each encounter fill out a form describing what was done and whether it was successful (Encounter form). We aim to continually improve and expand this program around the world.

5. If you have any suggestions or observations during or after your shift, please let us know on our feedback form. (Volunteer Technical adviser feedback form)

6. Accept our thanks for being part of this program and help us recruit additional volunteers to participate in this initiative!

If you are willing to be online for the entire shift and can manage basic video conference administrator tasks like shifting people into breakout rooms, please consider signing up as a volunteer Technical Support Moderator as well.